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It's a Simple Process ...

  • One of our engineering teams will visit your home to survey your current HVAC equipment, duct system and geology of your property. ( approx. a 20 minute visit)
  • Using the size and construction data of your home, they will evaluate, engineer and prepare your personal Geothermal Technology Evaluation Report
The Evaluation Report is quite extensive and contains all the information needed to evaluate whether Geothermal Technology is a good fit for you and your home. Some of the details contained in the report are as follows:

  • Energy cost savings - Shown in actual dollars,  the annual operating cost of a Geothermal system as compared to your current systems operating cost to arrive at your potential total energy cost savings.
  • Investment Cost - Complete details of all costs associated with converting your home to Geothermal Technology.
  • Return On Investment - Since you will save money on your energy costs starting day one, you begin to pay back your investment immediately as shown on a convenient savings analysis chart.
  • Available Incentives - Calculated results of all the financial incentives available to you currently such as the 30% Federal Tax Credit, the Renewable Energy Grant and Recycling Trade-In credits.
  • Increased Property Value - An evaluation of the expected property value increase for a geothermal home.
  • Ultimate Comfort & Safety Benefits - A explanation of the many benefits associated with a Geothermal Technology
  • Environmental Considerations - Details and calculations of CO2 emissions reduction.
  • Engineering Report - The actual engineering based on your home for the design of the Geothermal System
  • 18 Month Same-As-Cash Loan - Details on our EnerBank No Interest and No Payments financing.
  • and much more.
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