Top Three Incentives for a Geothermal GSHP System
Financial Savings
Environmental Impact
Comfort & Reliability
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Today there are more than 1,000,000 geothermal heat pump installations in the United States. While this represents only a small fraction of the total number of conditioned spaces, the impact of these systems on the environment is significant.

Carbon Emission Reductions
  • Elimination of more than 5.8 million metric tons of CO2 annually.
  • Elimination of more than 1.6 million metric tons of carbon equivalent annually.
Energy Consumption Reductions
  • Annual savings of nearly 8 billion kWh.
  • Annual savings of nearly 40 trillion Btus of fossil fuels.
  • Reduced electricity demand by more than 2.6 million kW.
Reduction Equivalents
  • Taking almost 1,295,000 cars off the road.
  • Planting more than 385 million trees.
  • Reducing U.S. reliance on imported fuels by 21.5 million barrels of crude oil per year.

In other words, these 1,000,000 GSHP systems are doing more than just saving the owners money, they are saving vital resources for our future.

Source: IGSHPA (2009) and the Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium.

Us energy consumption
Carbon counter
Comfort & Reliability
Financial Savings
Reduce Your Energy Bills 
By up to 70% 
Environmental Impact
Comfort & Reliability
Enjoy Enhanced Comfort

Geothermal GSHP systems provide precise distribution of comfortable air all year long, often eliminating those uncomfortable hot spots and cold spots. During heating, you'll experience warm air without the hot blasts associated with ordinary gas furnace, or the cooler air of an air source heat pump. When cooling, geothermal units deliver cool, dehumidified air. Today’s geothermal heating and cooling systems are designed and constructed for "whisper quiet" operation.
Safe, Clean and Quiet
GSHP systems require no flames, emit no fumes, require no flues or outdoor condensing units.

Experinece Greater Reliability

Unlike air conditioners and heat pumps, there is no noisy and annoying outdoor unit to disturb you or your neighbors.  Geothermal units are installed indoors, so they are not subject to wear and tear caused by rain, snow, ice, debris, pollutants, extreme temperatures or vandalism. Geothermal units have proven to be very reliable and require far less maintenance than traditional systems.
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