Significant Savings & Added Property Value
Savings of 40% to 80% on utility bills from day one is the greatest benefit of a GeoThermal GSHP system. From the moment your GeoThermal GSHP system is installed, it is saving you money. As an added bonus they also have the ability to provide domestic hot water at a savings in water heating costs of up to 100%. These systems can significantly increase property and resale values. An average estimate of increased market value is  $20 for every $1 of annual utility bill savings.

High Energy Efficiency.
The efficiency of GeoThermal GSHP systems make them highly cost-effective in both operation and maintenance costs. These systems transfer energy to and from the ground. The cost of electricity for the circulation pump, compressor and fan are the only electricity required. Only one unit of electricity is used to move at least four units of heat from the Earth, the efficiency of the GeoThermal GSHP system often surpass 500%!

Greater Comfort & Quiet Operation
The super-efficient dual-stage compressor and soft-start variable-speed fan, are responsible for making GeoThermal GSHP systems extremity quiet.  As opposed to a conventional furnace, there are no cycles with extreme blasts of hot or cold air and no major temperature fluctuations. They maintain a more consistent temperature throughout the building, In summer, GeoThermal GSHP systems  provide enhanced comfort. They don’t dry out the air as much as conventional A/C systems by maintaining a 45% relative indoor humidity, 

Exterior Equipment is Eliminated 
The GeoThermal GSHP unit is contained indoors replacing your existing HVAC system. The loud, ugly outdoor equipment associated with conventional systems is eliminated. 

Versitile, Flexible Installation 
Configurations and outputs for virtually any climate & structure size are available for GeoThermal GSHP systems. They can be installed on almost any size lot, under lawns, landscaped areas, driveways, parking lots, or the structure itself. Existing homes or buildings can be retrofitted with a GSHP system using the same ductwork or hydronic piping already in place.

Reliabillity with Minimal Maintenance Expense
The GeoThermal GSHP units have extremely long service lives of 25+ years and under normal use only require periodic checks and filter changes. The other half of the system, the earth loop located in the ground, is 100% maintenance free, will never freeze, and carries a 50+ year warranty.

Environmentally Friendly 
According to the Department of Energy's Geothermal Technologies Program, the average residential dwelling contributes more greenhouse gas emissions than most cars. GeoThermal GSHP systems emit no carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, or other greenhouse gasses, and have the lowest emissions among all heating and cooling technologies. They do not contain any chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), which are suspected to be a major cause of ozone depletion, 

Consumer Satisfaction
Surveys of GeoThermall users conducted by utility companies nationwide indicate much higher levels of consumer satisfaction for GSHP systems over conventional systems. Polls consistently show that more than 95% of all GeoThermal customers higly recommend GeoThermal to family member or friends

The Benefits of Geothermal
Can a ground-source heat pump system provide 100% of my home's heating and cooling needs?
Yes. Properly sized ground-source GeoThermal GSHP systems can provide 100% of your heating and cooling requirements and at the same time provide domestic hot water. Outside temperatures do not affect GeoThermal GSHP systems. Both hydronic as well as with forced air system delivery is available for new or existing structures.

Are all GSHP systems alike?
No.  Each application requires a  different GeoThermal GSHP system designs. Most systems provide both heating and cooling. Some systems provide heating, cooling, and hot water. There is no one system that works for every application.. 

What size system will my home or business require?
Oversized and undersized GeoThermal GSHP systems provide for many problems. An  ACCA Manual J heat load calculations should be completed on your home to provide the specific information required to properly size the entire system and give you the most efficient cost effective system to meet your specific needs.

How much space does a GSHP unit require?
Most of the GeoThermal GSHP system, the ground loop, is installed underground. The interior units require the same size footprint of a traditional furnace.

How long do ground-source heat pump systems last and do they carry a good warranty?
A GeoThermal GSHP systems is highly reliable. With only 3 moving parts, service life of the unit is 25+ years under normal use. Many manufacturers offer a 10 year coverage on major parts. The manufacturers of the polyethylene earth loop, used for for the underground heat energy transfer, warrant their product for 50 years. Independent tests show a useful life-span of over 200 years.

Will I have to add insulation or upgrade my windows if I install a GSHP system?
GeoThermal GSHP systems will reduce your heating and cooling costs regardless of how well your home or building is insulated. Research shows that for every $1 spent in building envelope energy efficiency upgrades, $3 is saved in your GeoThermal GSHP systems installation cost. Combining geothermal technology with other energy efficiency measures will maximize your monthly savings and lower your total system installation costs.

Do I need to increase the size of my electrical service?
GeoThermal GSHP systems, as a rule, don’t use large amounts electricity so your existing service should be more than adequate. 

Will an underground "earth loop" affect my lawn or landscape?
No. Industry research has shown that GeoThermal earth loops have no adverse effects on grass, trees, or shrubs. Vertical or horizontal earth loops require little space, do not damage lawns significantly, and can be installed in all types of soil varying from sand to hard granite.

Do I need separate "earth loops" for heating and cooling?
No. The same loop works for both. During the cold season the heat is extracted from the ground. In the warm season the heat is transferred back into the ground.

Frequently Asked Questions
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