We Have Earned ...
the Highest Level of Satisfaction from Our Customers and 
the Respect of Others in Our Industry as the Leader 
in GeoThermal Technology Advancement.

     As A Certified GeoThermal GSHP Managed CO-OP 
We assembled a CO-OP of the top GeoThermal industry resource leaders for:
  • The geological development of productive high energy source GeoThermal well configurations.
  • Properly engineered highly efficient GeoThermal GSHP system design.
  • Professional GeoThermal GSHP installations by accredited certified technicians. 
  • Up to date data from GeoThermal energy associations, consortiums and councils.

Through our CO-OP we:
  • Promote the use of GeoThermal renewable energy source GSHP technology .
  • Provide education and expose the benefits of a GeoThermal GSHP system.
  • Improve the quality and continuity of projects through effective service provider management

What North American GeoThermal Brings to the Table
  • As a result of our impressive CO-OP we provide a properly engineered, efficiently planned and professionally installed GeoThermal GSHP project completely supervised and managed by one entity, North American GeoThermal.
  • The actual results of energy cost savings, maintenance cost savings, increased conditioned air comfort and positive environmental impact  provide the keys needed to effectively  promote the advancement of this great technology. You can be assured of our “due diligence” on each and every project to insure we meet and exceed your investment expectations.

Our CO-OP Team's Credentials Include:

  • Over 50 years of drilling experience & Geothermal well design.
  • Over 47 years of HVAC system engineering, installation and service. 
  • LoopLink Certified Geothermal Designers for every project.
  • Factory trained & certified WaterFurnace equipment installers.
  • IGSHPA Accredited Geothermal Well Driller certification
  • IGSPHA Accredited Geothermal Installer certification
  • Green Advantage Certified.
  • U.S. Green Building Council Membership
  • NATE® Certified Technicians (North American Technician Excellence)
  • Healthy Air Expert certification
  • OSHA and Hazardous Operation training. 

From the smallest retro-fits to the largest custom homes, we bring the experience & expertise to each project’s individual needs. 

North American GeoThermal's CO-OP team is prepared to design, install and service your Residential, Commercial & Institutional GeoThermal project.
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Protection Agency
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Our designers are LoopLink Certified. This symbol lets you know that your system designer has been trained not just by the makers of the industry's best Geothermal design software, but by the authors of the industry standard design and installation manual issued by the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association ( IGSHPA ), the leading national entity for Geothermal GSHP standards, training, and certifications.

Our well drilling & ground loop team have installed over 1 Million Miles of Geothermal loop pipe. With a team of over 65 Geothermal professionals your Geothermal ground loop installation will be performed by IGSHPA accredited installers and master well drillers, fluent in the complex geological formations found throughout our service area

Our interior equipment installers have installed hundreds of systems over more than 25 years. Our installers are WaterFurnace factory trained geothermal  certified professionals. Only the best from the WaterFurnace network are invited to become a GeoPro Master Dealer. We have proven time and time again that we truly care about our customers. You can take comfort in the fact that as a GeoPro dealer we have proven ourselves in the following areas:

Overall Performance  -  Experience and Dedication  -  Installation Quality
Continued Technical Training  -  Over All Business Practices

EGIA GEOSmart Authorized
All GEOSmart Authorized Contractors have satisfactorily passed a thorough screening and review process that is designed to give homeowners peace-of-mind that they are working with an industry leading geothermal contractor.

Additionally, by participating in the GEO Smart Loan Program, GEOSmart Authorized Contractors have made a commitment to providing high quality energy-efficient products to the marketplace and have shown ongoing support of EGIA’s mission to advance energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions nationwide. 
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